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Partner with awesome influencers to co-create content and grow your brand.

We offer a dedicated marketplace of LGBTQIA+ influencers who you can partner with to increase your brand awareness within the community.

With the expertise of our campaign concierge, we help best match you with the right influencers so collectively you can co-create content with the influential impact of their authentic endorsement. We measure all campaign data in real time, allowing us to optimise your campaigns to deliver measurable results.

No upfront cost. No minimum spend. Content upfront before you buy.

how it works

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Co-create today

Start by filling in the campaign builder. Our campaign concierge will be in touch within 24 hours. It’s that easy. Don’t restrict yourself. You can activate influencers, visit the FAQS page for categorisation, on all major social platforms to engage in campaigns, collaborations, invitations to attend events, product testing and reviews, promotional offers and product sampling.

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You’re in good hands

We’ll start by reviewing your campaign objectives and brief, providing feedback where necessary and choosing the best match influencers through an in-depth analysis of the quality and insights of their audience as well as identifying fake or bot follower numbers, using AI-powered technology. Ensuring you aren’t paying too much for sponsored content.

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Time to co-create

Overseeing content creation, you’ll negotiate price, from time-to-time, with an up-to-date price estimate. Estimated market price of a sponsored post is based on influencer country, followers, engagement rate, and overall audience quality score analysed on market values. Users can manage their approvals and only approve and buy the content achieving the right creative outcome.

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Measurable results

In real time your campaign dashboard will collect your engagement rates, conversions, earned media, reach, and total media value. Calculated from an earned media value index to track the ROI of your campaign. We understand that you might not always have time to run your campaigns. We can help with that. Let us do the work for you.