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Published On : August 9, 2019

Why did you decided to start it?  

We have always been aware of the fact that members of the LGBTQI+ community would feel more positive towards a brand that talks to the community in an authentic way. Many brands have tried but it has always felt like tokenism in the majority of cases. So, we agreed to create the platform specifically to enable branded content to be created by the community and for the community. We just want authenticity and to help connect brands and influencers to make it more than just tokenism.

Why does the LGBTQI+ influencer community need its own platform?

Whilst other influencer platforms do a great job, the messages are mainstream and mass-market. Reaching the LGBTQI+ market specifically has therefore been more through luck than intention. Our model will specifically recruit through the community and encourage more specific messaging - albeit that is entirely up to the brands and the influencers using the platform.

86% of online retailers use Influencers - are you one of them?

At least 32% of online purchases made in the last month can be directly attributed to influencers. 44% of online shoppers follow an influencer. 53% of followers want their influencers to help them find bargains.

How do you determine who an influencer is? What’s your benchmark?

Quantity and quality both play a role in classify someone as an influencer. Here’s a categorisation of influencer types and the number of followers. Nano: 1K – 3K Micro: 3K – 20K Mid Tier: 20K – 100K Macro: 100K – 1M Mega: >1M. We determine an influencer prior to a campaign with an in-depth analysis of the quality and insights of an audience as well as identifying fake or bot follower numbers, through AI-powered technology. We use current market values to ensure influencers are compensated fairly and that brands don’t feel they are paying too much for sponsored content.

We welcome celebrities, Industry experts, opinion leaders, bloggers, content creators, creative talent and digital Influencers on just one of our partner platforms: Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube.

Source Citation: Power Retail