Why influencer marketing is in desperate need of LGBTQI+ representation and participation

Published On : June 12, 2019

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. As an industry valued at about $10 billion globally, it only makes sense, considering that gen-z and millennials are more likely to make a purchase based on a friend or family member’s recommendation as opposed to someone they don’t know. With 83% of social media users claiming that word-of-mouth influences their decisions, influencers sit at a pivotally important crossroads in the world of marketing today.

Naturally, this burgeoning industry is lacking in diversity, with the majority of influencers representing cis-gender, heteronormative, and straight individuals that cater to their respective audiences. There is a massive gap for the LGBTQI+ social media consumers out there, looking to find a person they feel represents them and their interests.

There’s no way to deny it: LGBTQI+ influencers stand to make a massive impact, considering that the LGBTQI+ industry wields a $3.7 trillion purchasing power figure today. But, more than just a consumer statistic, here are a few other reasons why influencer marketing is in desperate need of some LGBTQI+ representation:

  • Community & Comradery :
    Social media is unique in that it can impact and connect people from around the world in just seconds. For people living in a nation like Indonesia, for example, where they can’t be 100% themselves without risking their lives, finding a voice for their interests on social media can provide them with a safe community that allows them to find peace and happiness. LGBTQI+ people deserve the same kind of online community as heteronormative users.
  • Inspiration & Actionable Tools :
    Social media is a great place for movements to start, sentiments to be shared, and messages to be spread. The LGBTQI+ community is a source of life-changing ideas and innovations, which is why all gay, queer, and trans people deserve influencers that can herald these ideas and help spread them worldwide.
  • Legitimate Acknowledgement :
    Although it’s difficult to estimate an accurate number, since many LGBTQI+ persons can’t simply fill out a form regarding their sexuality, various studies concluded that there are roughly 9 million LGBTQI+ individuals living in the U.S. with 3.6 million living in the U.K. and 1 million living in Australia and New Zealand at this time. That is a massive amount of people who deserve the same content, brand partnership deals and opportunities, and legitimate acknowledgement that they exist in an influential and marketing setting as their straight counterparts.

A Dedicated LGBTQI+ Influencer Network:

We recognise that people not only deserve influencers that reflect their interests for a fair social media experience, but that the LGBTQI+ community is a massively active and lucrative group of people waiting to foray into the waters of influencer marketing today. We provide an online community for both brands and influencers looking to partner through our marketplace. Offering campaigns, collaborations, invitations to attend events, product testing and reviews, promotional offers and product sampling, we’re determined to create an LGBTQI+ influencer marketing platform that is fair and accessible to all queer, trans, and questioning folks creating inspiring, creative, and gorgeous content on social media today.

If you want to be an LGBTQI+ influencer, or you’re a brand looking to tap into this market, contact our concierge today!

Note on terminology: there are multiple terms used to describe sexual orientation and gender identity. uses LGBTQI+ for example, whereas other regions may use LGBT, GLBT, LGBTQ LGBTI, LGBTIQ, LGBTQIA (+) for example. We aim to be inclusive and respect the use of terms adopted by other regions and organisations.

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